Monday, November 2, 2009

Bank-Owned Property In Fremont--We Call Your Bluff

We were given the MOD (Multiple Offer Disclosure) from on of the major banks today. We offered a fair amount for a property for sale in Fremont, and got the MOD in return.

It is the bank's way of flushing out any possible chance for a bidding war to get it's last word or dollar in. The notice only states that the bank is "letting you know" that they know there are multiple offers on the property. It sometimes comes with an attachment from the listing agent saying that any Counter Offer (extra bid from us or you if you are the buyer) needs to be in writing and so on.

We called their bluff today and stood our ground. The buyer simply acknowledged the MOD and sat back and is now waiting. Lets see those cards Mr. Lender.

By Jeff Pereyda

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