Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Niles Area of Fremont & New Homes In Niles

I tweeted using Openbeak for the blackberry earlier today while I was in the Niles area of Fremont . I was on my way to meet with Pat Montellano, a purveyor of fine collectibles such as plates, cups and all things art deco like syrup dispensers over at A Time For Tea in the Niles area of Fremont, of which I happened to have a recent affinity for. I talked to Pat a few months ago asking her if she had plans to pick up any dispensers. She said she would and for me to write my name on a list, so I did. Last week I got a call from Pat claiming that she found a few of the 50's art deco syrup dispensers for me while she left the Niles area of Fremont and went on her road trip into the Midwest. When she returned, she asked me what colors I had in mind. I wanted to know if she found any with salmon or mint green tops. She did. So, I made an appointment with her and was on my way.

I met Pat at the front desk this morning sharply at 11:00am when they opened up the store. She recognized me, and, with a smile, reached back and got out a small box of 50's syrup dispensers. I felt like a kid looking into a box full of surprises. I picked out one small mint green and one salmon pink colored syrup dispenser. We chatted for a bit, talked a little about the real estate market in the Niles area of Fremont and then I headed out. I took some time and visited a few other stores I like and made my way home.

Just in case you may have not heard about the Niles area of Fremont or perhaps any of the antique boutiques that line its main street, you could be missing out. It's a great place to go and pa rouse around looking for the once abundant but now long gone home accessories that some of us may have grown up with or maybe have just grown to love. For me, it's hunting for things art deco mostly. It is important for me to take a break from the real estate and get a rest from the TriCity Real Estate Brokers office I run in the center of Fremont and just enjoy Fremont. By the way, my home isn't filled with syrup dispensers as you may have come to imagine from reading this, but I do have a nick knack or two. The urge to gather up an item once in a while comes and goes--sort of like a hobby I guess. Once, in the 90's, when I used to be a UPS driver, I found a 50's art deco kitchen table being thrown away in a dumpster that obviously needed rescuing, so I did just that; still have it. Is it just me, or does anyone else like to do that once in a while?

Much can be written about Niles of Fremont with it's history, its cafes, shops, studios an other nostalgia that make up the experience there, but the idea here was to just jot down a very small slice of what I or others may enjoy while in the downtown Niles area of Fremont.
Oh, and the new homes in Niles I mentioned in the title--if you ar somwone you know is interested, let me know: click here at
By Jeff Pereyda

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