Monday, August 9, 2010

Selling & Moving From Fremont, Newark or Union City

The Winner!

I recently listed a home for sale in Union City for one of my clients selling a home & moving from Union City to what is known as La Morinda. During the process of selling the Union City house, the sellers and I talked about many logistics regarding selling a Union City home, and ultimately, discussed moving from Union City. Cutting to the quick, after interviewing the major movers for the area like Mayflower and Bekins, etc. my client selling his Union City home, chose Bekins as the service provider in moving from Fremont, Newark and Union City area. Although the moving company's prices were competitive with each other, Bekins had an edge of professionalism that was found lacking in the other moving company's sales staff.

Naturally, the selling staff and the actual people who would be doing the moving would be altogether different. Simply speaking, you may not get the shiny professional salesperson lifting your boxes of dishes. You will get, "the crew." Fortunately for Bekins and my client selling a Union City home, Bekins has stellar independent teams for the areas of Fremont, Newark and Union City. But what struck me as interesting after talking a bit more with my client who was selling his Union City home, was the fact that this particular team that was going to help with the move from the Tri-City area was Tri-Valley Bekins--a moving team that has stuck together for many years.

I spoke with Miss Owens, a 13 year Operations Manager for Bekins in Alameda County yesterday afternoon, so I could get some facts. The team that had helped my Union City home seller was Tri-Valley Bekins lead by Javier Angiano, an Independent Contractor and sole proprietor of 18 years with the company. He and his crew have been working together for 6-10 years. Much can be said about their professionalism and performance according to my Union City home seller.

Well-protecting items before they were placed into boxes was a given, but when the crew began to make wall protectors from heavy duty card board and laid out stair protectors as well to protect the walls and steps from damage, it got my client's full attention. They handled the whole move with efficiency and even stuck to their quote even though my client's Union City home had an excessively stocked kitchen full of many different sets of dish ware that called for more boxes and more wrap work than previously thought.

I mentioned earlier about the "shiny" salesperson and how the first impression made a difference. Alex Arsenault, a 20 year selling coordinator for Bekins was the deal maker. Although, Arsenault went toe to toe with the rep from Mayflower, Arsenault was the one who asked the relevant questions and had a genuine concern about my clients and their Union City move. My sellers chose Bekins, and they were glad they did to say the least.

Thank you Bekins for indirectly being an important part of my successfully selling this Union City home.

If you happen to be thinking of selling your Fremont, Newark or Union City home, contact me from my Fremont real estate agent office site here --and if you want a great moving experience, make sure you include Bekins in your list of interviewees. By Jeff Pereyda

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