Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is That What I Sound Like?

Do you like hearing your voice played back on tape? Well, I know mine could use improvement. After listening to myself, I am usually conscience of one thing--Is that actually a lisp I hear in my voice? I'm 45--"press 2 to rerecord." However, in all fairness to myself, I don't sound that bad. In fact, think I speak rather clearly compared to some.

However, I did hear a voice today that sparkled through the other end of my treo when I called on a listing to check on its availability (yes, I actually have a buyer). Listening to a far better voice than my own, I pressed my ear closer to the receiver to hear every nuance. For lack of a better description, it was like listening to Ricardo Montalban's voice mail greeting (if he even has one), a voice smooth as silk, yet flashy with just the right inflections. I was even tempted to call again just to hear that voice. I recently started podcasting, and so it was bad timing for my voice recording confidence to hear such magnificence just before recording my voice. I was supposed to create a real estate agent video today. I blogged instead.

Humbled by Ricardo's voice still caressing my ear, I did a few sound takes anyway. Oh my. Having a long way to go on enunciation and meter, I feel that perhaps a few voice lessons wouldn't hurt me there.

But I am conscience of the fact that I need improvement. Better still, perhaps I should try watching myself speak on a video clip. I can see it now..."Cut Jeff! take number 23."

In conclusion, we or I should be more conscience about the way we communicate to our customer base. Most of us sound professional right? Yet, we do not have to sound like the voice I heard today to be successful. We sometimes just need to speak up and do so with some clarity, maybe even repeating our phone numbers at the end of message that we leave would improve our return calls. A little voice awareness goes a long way.

Do you want Ricardo's number

by Jeff Pereyda
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Sandi said...

I HATE hearing my voice recorded. It's so not me! And people say I talk too fast - imagine?!?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post! Your my first reader who "un-lurked." Then again, maybe your my first reader period.