Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Does Dental Floss and Net Sheets Have In Common?

I have a great mentor/broker friend that I as a broker confide in sometimes. We share ideas and sometimes war stories.

I heard the latest doozy of his through his wife which allowed the story to leave more to the imagination, and it went something like this:

Fred, mentor, had been working with a young couple who qualified as buyers for around $400k. Fred drove them around for months in and around a not so nearby city in an obligation to help them in buying a home. Cudos.

Last week, an amazing listing became available for sale by an elderly couple selling their home. They had really fixed up their place with dual pane windows, granite counter tops, etc. Ready to move in, the offer was made, and very gratifyingly, accepted. Needless to say, the young buyers were beside themselves in elation. So was Fred. He was in pain and needed the lift in his spirits. The escrow came right around the same time Fred had the unfortunate but very necessary appointment with the dental surgeon, a 4 hour surgery appointment during that week.

The sellers of the new escrow, the elderly couple, were also in escrow for a replacement home in Florida and had been working with a Realtor there to get the job done. During that week, Fred received a call from FL. The agent representing the Florida purchase performed a net sheet (four days after the FL escrow opened) and the news was bad. It turns out that the Florida buyers could nowhere near purchase the property or hardly any other property for that matter and had to cancel the agreement both in FL and alas with Fred and his new buyers here.

Fury, tears and lawsuits were in the air. Fred, pained by speech, worked hard to calm things down, but the tears of the pain would remain for quite some time for the down trodden buyers due to the loss of their home and Fred because his mouth hurt.

Should the agent in FL have performed the net sheet a bit sooner--you think?

FYI, Fred's surgery went as scheduled with few mishaps.

Word to the wise. Do the net sheet ASAP.  And, brush and floss regularly.

by Jeff Pereyda
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Jenni said...

That reminds me. I need to floss.