Monday, September 21, 2009

Fremont CA Homes For Sale

Google Alert where you set up a topic and ask Google to notify you when something relevant comes up, a Listing Alert for homes in Fremont that come up for sale will gather the information being sought after in a home and store it. Then as soon as a home that matches the visitors needs, it instantly sends them a message with pictures, maps and more.

Our latest visitor, we will call Fred, just finished his set up. All he had to do was input just a few items and hit "finish." Here is a snapshot of what his page looks like when he in notifies.
webshot of Fremont Homes For SALE

Here is one of his would-be homes he was notified about.

These blog images are fuzzy due to the post, but they are clear as can be on the screen. There are many more tools available at

What else is nice about these sites is if your plan changes and you want to be removed from the mailings or the "alerts", theses sites both comply with safe subscription removal policies. 

Happy house hunting.

By Jeff Pereyda

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