Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selling A Newark CA House?

This weekend may be a good time to have an open house if you had a Newark CA home for sale. Newark Days held at Newark's Community Park  draws thousands to the event in just a period of four days. Imagine the foot traffic you could get.

There is a small drawback. That is, because of all the tasty treats served at Newark Days (most of them sticky), you may need to have a tarp or two over the carpet in your open house. Just one Mr. Softy ice cream cone can do significant damage to the rug.

The idea is to get as many interested people into your open house as possible, but tell your real estate agent doing the open house to keep an eye on these Thai chicken-toting open house goers. It will stain. Some agents provide food at their open houses, but most people politely refused the food we cater, and we ended up with so much food left over.

Now, at our Fremont, Newark open houses, we stopped giving out food all-together. We mostly provide just lemon water now in a fancy pitcher and cups--Won't stain when well-meaning kids fill cups too high and slosh around the house.
By Jeff Pereyda

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Sandi said...

Good idea about the water!