Thursday, October 1, 2009

Parkmont Townhome Villas-Home Prices

Parkmont Townhome Villas belong to a well-kept Parkmont subdivision of Fremont CA. It was one of several areas I mailed business postcards to last week as part of a regular marketing program. The postcard simply pointed out that Internet visitors could visit my site and instantly listen to references about yours truly. You can do that here I added live streaming (no longer requiring to download the voice file to play it) Anyway, getting off topic a bit. I like to receive calls about real estate because I feel that I can tell it like it is without the all sales jargon. That's what I would want if I called in to a broker for my house.
A resident called in today to ask about the value of his house. He lived in the Parkmont Townhome Villas, and I have a good handle on all of the Parkmont areas, but particularly the Villas due to the fact that I am a broker-in residence. I live there. We talked a bit about the market and appraisals and how it all affected his home prices from 2007. Back in the day, a moderately upgraded 1717 sq ft Bella Vista floor plan sold for $640,000. Well, at the time of writing this, it is now $450,000, an approximate 30% drop. The two bedroom Via Bravo unit recently sold for approximately $420,000.
In my previous blog post, I mentioned that we owe some thanks to Parkmont Elementary School for being a California Distinguished School. It kept us from going down to 35% drop.
If you had a question about your home value, give me a call. By Jeff Pereyda

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