Monday, October 19, 2009

So, How Was Your Day Showing Homes For Sale In Fremont??

Some Fremont home buyers find me on the Internet. Recently, Agnus was no exception. She is a senior real estate home buyer who wants a home in Fremont. I met her briefly and had gone over the procedures (in detail) as to where we would meet on Saturday to look at homes for sale in Fremont. We were to meet at 9:00 am sharp where a cute condo for sale in Fremont was located. We had blocked out an hour and a half to view 5 homes so we should have been fine.

I had a feeling that something was going to slow things down when I remembered the last time we had looked at homes in Fremont. We got separated and the last two homes we were supposed to look at were never viewed except by me. Agnus got lost.

The day before we were going to meet, I sent her a Google map, a chronological list of homes to view along with an agenda as to when we were expected to be at any given time. We confirmed the first location and waited for Saturday 9:00am to come. Saturday 9:00am came; Agnus did not. A few minutes later, I called her, and this is how it went:

Me: Hello Agnus... Where are you?
Agnus: I'm at the Home Depot in Fremont.
Me: That's a long way from where you are supposed to be. Did you get the map?
Agnus: Yes, I got it.
Me: So, can you get here soon?
Agnus:I am on my way. How do I get there?
Me: I thought you said you have the map.
Agnus: I do, I just... Well... I got lost.
Me: Okay, we still have time, but we are running late. Just come straight down Fremont Blvd and follow it to Grimmer then go left then right to Osgood and Warm Springs.
Agnus: Oh.
Me: See you in a bit.

15 minutes later

Agnus: (my cell rings) I tried to call you.
Me: What's the matter? Where are you?
Agnus: I know where this is. I used to work here. I'm here.
Me: Oh, you see my red car. I am out in the street waiving my arms. I am in a charcoal grey suit. Are you by the fire station?
Agnus: What fire station? I'm here at KB Homes.
Me: Where is that. That is not around here
Agnus: It's where I used to work.
Me: What is your cross street. The seller has been waiting for us here for over 20 minutes.
Agnus: I'm on Milpitas Blvd.
Me: Oh. Agnus. You passed us. You need to turn around and go north to East Warren.
Agnus: Oh.
Me: Look. I am out on the street waiting for you. Just turn around and drive. Can you please?
Agnus: Oh, okay. I am on my way.
Me: Okay.

10 minutes later, Agnus drives up from Warm Springs Blvd. (busy street) to the security gate . You know the kind of gate that if it's half way closed or open that it will still open again if you just trigger the sensor outside or inside? Well, Agnus stopped well before the sensor and simply waited. She was half way out onto Warm Springs Blvd. and half way into the drive way. Not only was it dangerous, but I for one had waited long enough at that point, so I had to use miming gestures for her to move forward in order for the gate to open again before it closed up. It turns out, she did not understand the international mime language of "hurry up and just go." It varies from country to country but for the most part it is usually indicated by frantic waiving of the arms while the hands point erratically forward. Miraculously, either she got the message, or my yelling, "GO!-GO!" did the trick. She drove into the complex.

After we viewed the first property 45 minutes late, I decided it was time that she no longer followed me, but rather I drive. When we miraculously convoyed to the next stopping point, I gestured for her to get in my car and that we would go together. She said, "no way." Taken aback a bit, I asked why. She said that she had just driven through a red light and been in horrible car accident the week before and totaled her other car and that this car she was driving now was a loaner. She said I would have to ride in her car. I gulped, hesitated then reluctantly got in with all my stuff.

I had to show five properties, and I've been pretty good at estimating over the years, so the rest of the appointment should have taken one hour and fifteen minutes max. Five hours later and recovering slightly from motion sickness, I helped her to write an offer on a property, a short sale property in Fremont.

Over the course of the day, we got honked at three times, missed a green light. (not going while it turned green) and all the while I wondered. Just plain wondered.

I lived to tell the tale and we are supposed to go look again at more properties soon. I'm driving.

By Jeff Pereyda

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