Friday, February 12, 2010

New Homes In Fremont--New Materials

I sold a brand new home in Fremont today. (not shown here) I am not the broker there at the new home in Fremont building site. Rather, I am the broker for TriCity Real Estate Brokers, Inc. here

But, an earnest home buyer found my site and--long story short--bought a brand new home in Fremont at the new Cedarbrook subdivision. I also discovered that they read my prior blog post on New homes in Niles here.

On our tour of the homes, we were impressed with many things that led up to the new home in Fremont purchase. One thing we were educated about was the use of Hardie planks by James Hardie (facebook page). The name Hardie seems perfectly fitting. These are "hard" somewhat flexible, cement boards that make up the sidings for the new homes in Fremont at Cedarbrook. What was thought as or often referred to us as "scales" going down the of a front portion of the new homes in Fremont were actually Hardie planks shingles. They are designed to overlap just like wood siding. They have a good look to them and we really liked the "shingle" look that give the Craftsman elevation a traditional historic Fremont or Niles look. Hardie makes many different types of these exterior materials as well. What was thought to be regular wood siding that runs horizontally across the side of the house was again Hardie planks. What's more is that the Hardie materials were already colored to go with the well planned color schemes that new homes in Fremont have to undergo with the city of Fremont. The end result is one of the cleanest looks in a new home in Fremont can produce, not to mention the most durable.

My buyers really enjoyed the tours, the people at Regis as well as the materials used. However, I doubt that they will drive up to their new Fremont home and give a sigh of relief knowing their home was built with Hardie planks. A "home" is much more than its materials, but I know that the use of Hardie materials will play a big part in providing them with both pride of ownership and peace of mind. It's not even built yet, but my home buyers already love their brand new home in Fremont. Congratulations! By Jeff Pereyda

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