Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parkmont Homes & Listed For How Much?

At the time of writing this page (2-10-10) Parkmont Villas Townhomes on Bright Common and Lavendar Common have been hovering around 435k for a Via Bravo--the two bedroom 2.5 bath and 475k for the Villa Bella--the 3 bed 2.5 bath townhouses.

Sometimes we get a scare when a neighbor lists their Parkmont home for sale at say $410k for the Via Bella--3 bed 2.5 bath at 1700 sq ft.

I am often asked why this is, or I am asked if it will hurt the value of the surrounding Parkmont homes. Truth is that it is unfortunate that the listing agent goes so low on the very first day. After all, the agent's job is to get the most they can for the property, right? So, why so low? Sometimes out-of-area agents fail to know the Parkmont homes area or the comparables as well as the local brokers do and mistakenly listing the house for a low price. The redeeming news is that the market will bear what it can bear and usually market value is attained after a few weeks.

Secondly, it does not seem to hurt the comparables too much.
Case in point is that I just listed 38332 Redwood Terrace in Fremont at 519k (pie in the sky price). We got an offer for 470k after 45 days. Long story short, we got 485k EVEN AFTER IT APPRAISED FOR 466k and it's last comparable was around 465k. We received 485k. It could not get any better than that.

Point being--do not panic if your neighbor lists for a ridiculously low price. Contact me using the form below for a real market value based on true comparables and true sold history along with experience in Parkmont sales prices.

The goal here is to create a report for you to determine the market value of your Parkmont Home by looking at the real-time brokerage data.

We will create the report by hand, but you need to type in the correct information so the job can be done correctly. We will then deliver the Parkmont report to you by email.

If it is time to sell, let me know. I will get top dollar for your home as fast as I can.

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