Monday, April 19, 2010

Fremont CA Real Estate Market

I got a kick out of the movoto website today when it listed the least expensive and the most expensive homes for sale in Fremont. I felt it was timely because I had a recent experience that identified with this somewhat. I while back I received a follow up call from a client who was in the market for a very expensive home in Fremont of several million in price. In preparation for the new home buyer in Fremont, weeks went by with much planning for the upcoming appointment--phone calls were made, calendars rewritten, plans changed, etc. in order to make room for the high priced Fremont home buyer coming into town. The time finally came when we were scheduled to go out looking for multi million dollar homes in Fremont, and they were a no show. Even worse--no call, no email, no text, zero. Even now, I still do not know what happened. I hope they are okay.

Meanwhile, I had a client following homes for sale in Fremont on my website diligently for some time. On the same day of the multi-million dollar cancellation, this faithful Internet home buyer emailed me and wanted to view one of the lowest priced condos in Fremont on Paseo Padre Parkway. with my day cleared off anyway, I had free time to go see the condo. I showed it to my client, she loved it and wrote an all cash offer. But wait, alas, the lower-end Fremont home buyer pulled a fast one.
Several days later, when we were about to get our reply to the offer, the buyer writes, "Are we too high in price?"
I replied, "actually, no you're perfectly priced."
She writes, "Rescind my offer, there is too much crime there!"
Digging deeper I send a crime report to nip this Internet weed in the bud. I sent the comparative crime reports to the buyer.
She writes back, "Wow! Okay, thank you, let's stay in the game. I'm in."
Next day, she writes, "It's too soon, we need to back out. Rescind my offer."
I had too much at this point.
I replied, "If your situation changes..." meaning--when you find your motivation for buying a home in Fremont, "call me." At the risk of sounding like a rant, I felt--when you find your motivation for buying a home in Fremont, go become some other agent's energy drain.

Ouch, both of those buyers hurt a bit.

Will they call? maybe not at this point. But, a short message to all Fremont home buyers out there. Contrary to a some beliefs, real estate agents work very hard for you. And, it costs a good deal of money just to be an agent, even more to be a broker. Please respect their time and their commissions. A colleague in my office, who is also a financial planner, told me that when someone asked her for a piece of her commission, she replied, "Well, it's not a good idea, see, the lender may think you cannot afford the house." Touche.
By Jeff Pereyda

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