Sunday, May 18, 2008

Taking Care of the Frog

B2B--Today I met with the buyers who saw me put out the "For Sale" sign in the yard 3 weeks ago when I posted "Consider the Tomato Frog." Remember them? They, came in and loved the property. The expectations I had were that they were going to write an offer this time. Do you see this coming? Too good to be true? It was.

They showed up on time, but after a minute or two in my office, they had shown a welling up of tears over the fact that they were not able to come up with the down big enough, so their love for the property was evident to say the least. We went over the net sheet several times and no go. Softy that I am, I have in CAR RPA Section. 25 that I am crediting "X" amount of dollars from my commission to go towards the closing costs. Still no go.

They picked up the broken pieces of pride from my desk and parted this afternoon. The bright side is that they are determined. They are hoping to come up with more funds somehow, work two jobs, etc. The drive is there and they deserve a nice property like this one. I wish I could do more but I have to let them work it out for themselves.

I called the seller and explained that the offer would not be written today and that the marketing efforts will continue forward. Optimism. But, it is always a bit concerning when you see the resource center visitor tally (the one with the red bars) for the listing drop steadily each week we are on the market. Like watching a balloon loosing its air.

Both the seller and I are still feeling good about our position, our feedback is good, we are staged well, we have great web presence, open houses often, ads, etc. Flyers are going like crazy. It's only a matter of time, but the real question is: How long?

by Jeff Pereyda
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