Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fremont Landlords & Property Managers Are Seeing Eye-to-Eye on New Trend

Renting a home after  a short sale can be done
Although Fremont-Union City home renters looking for homes to rent in Fremont have to do so in some very trying times, despite challenges, many of them are excellent renters. A lot of Fremont renters have been recovering from a short sale in their recent history. That's a rough situation to be in. Not only can they can no longer keep their home, they must now have their recent financial woes made known to their soon to be landlords and the property management. Albeit embarrassing, landlords as well as property management should read between the lines of the back round report. The people looking to rent in Fremont-Union City, who have come out of short sales, can be very reputable renters. Landlords and property management professionals should look at the whole picture.

In order to rent a home in Fremont and Union City, you have to show some consistency in paying the utilities among other items. The loan history may not look good, but some loans are not good either. Landlords and property management cannot always blame the borrower. Renters Fred and Sue, who now rent through our property management division, had to short sale their Pleasanton home and find a Fremont home to rent. Their back round checks and credit checks were showing red flags in areas like the delinquent home loan, but utilities and other important subscriptions to services have been paid for on time. Moreover, they earned a very stable income. It's just that the Pleasanton home loan was too much to bear. Being a Fremont Union-City property manager, I made a positive recommendation to my client/landlord to accept their application immediately to rent the home to Fred and Sue. So, even after my new tenant's horrible experience with the big banks, they now pay the rent every month early and even pay me a visit at my Fremont real estate office while they hand me a cashier's check. Now, with their stable income and determination to rebuild their credit, collecting rent is from Fred and Sue is the easiest part of my job as a property manager in Fremont. By Jeff Pereyda

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