Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stop Looking, Get Homes For Sale in Fremont Delivered to You, and GetYour Life Back

I meet with a lot of people who want to buy Fremont, Newark, Union City homes. They sometimes tell me that they are receiving emails from another real estate agent that contain links to homes for sale. If they are not already subscribed to receive notifications, I will try to subscribe them to one. They call these emails listing notifications. Fremont listing notifications are emails usually sent by real estate agents that contain links to one or more homes for sale in Fremont or another city that they are interested in.
It's not only agents sending out these notifications of homes for sale in Fremont, but home buyers themselves sign up for these notifications so they themselves do not have to chain themselves to the computer searching for homes. In fact, I myself, a real estate agent in Fremont have around 30 or so custom searches. I even go onto the mega real estate agent websites and sign up for a number of different combinations of listing notifications.
It is harder to create one of these real estate notifications if the site is not very user friendly. Ironically to me, the hardest one to create a listing notification for is our very own MLS provider. For a real estate agent to set up a Fremont listing notification, it takes at least 20 minutes to do it just right on the our MLS provider website. My TriCity TriValley real estate site is much easier, On my site, you have to register, then you can subscribe to a search that will notify you. My real estate home search pages are also easy to use. I know because I have subscribed myself to many a search.

I think computers (if set up right) will always be faster at finding the listings than agents. Why do you think I have 30+ searches just for me? If I had to search for homes by hand for each of my home buyers, It would not be possible for me to have a life. Computers don't have a life outside of computing whereas the real estate agent is a real person with a real life. 
To set one up, and get your life back, just visit my home search page

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