Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BART's New Warm Springs/South Fremont Station

Warm Springs/South Fremont Station is now the formal name of the new BART station that is being built. It extends the Fremont BART line in a more southerly direction and should be completed over the next few years. Starting from the end of the existing Fremont BART station between Walnut and Mowry, next to the Tule Pond (pronounced Tu-lee). From there, the line will continue southeast UNDER Lake Elizabeth then turn south before it emerges from the depths of Stivers Lagoon just east of Aqua Adventure Water Park. Afterwards, it will parallel the existing railroad tracks that hug near Driscoll, then Osgood, then Warm Springs until it stops right at the very northern part of the parking lot at the old Nummi Plant, now Tesla. 

 The BART site has an image for the new location on a map, but it views the landscape from North to South, opposite of the normal or default view of Google Maps. I flipped it below, but it is still hard to view.

Here is another image that I created for us from Google Maps that is easier to view.

As a Fremont Real Estate Agent and Fremont  Real Estate Broker Associate that sells Fremont homes, I am asked about home values and homes' proximity to BART quite a lot. 

Homes near BART's new Warm Springs/South Fremont Station will include some of these popular Irvington residential areas. All of the homes south of Grimmer Park next to Grimmer Elementary School like Jamestown, Montrose, Continental, Independence, Jamestown, Yorktown, Charleston, Hopkins, Salem, Wilmington, Columbia, Salem, Jersey, Newport, Sumter, Norfolk and Savannah. 

 Also on the other side of 680 many homes close to the BART's New Warm Springs/South Fremont Station will be Parkmeadow, Ivy, Winding, Ponce, Ute, Onondaga, and many other streets next to and around Weibel Elementary School.

In spite of the fact that the noise and construction may invade the right to quiet enjoyment of the people who live in homes near it, BART stations on the other hand have been proven a very strong real estate value booster. 

 It is not certain whether or not the BART line will have an Irvington Station or not before it goes all the way down to Warm Springs. Cool as it may be for Irvington, we will not know until more beans have been counted so to speak regarding the funding for the project. You can always look at updates from--and even contact--project coordinators if you visit the BART web site. BART has come a long way and depending on the investment dollars, it may keep going.  For now, that will be south, south east.

by Jeff Pereyda
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