Thursday, November 5, 2015

Two Hooks to Get More Looks

If you had a checklist with room for just two items on it, there are the two things that should be on the list when it comes time to sell your Livermore home. One, make sure there are upgrades before you go on the real estate market. The second of the hooks that will get more looks is to use a professional real estate photographer to capture only the best pictures of your Livermore home for sale after it has been staged.  

The success of this marketing strategy crosses over into other markets. When you test drive a new car, most dealers will place you in the upgraded model, right? Bringing it back to real estate, new home builders want you to see the model home which has what? Right, upgrades. Selling a home in Livermore is no different. You will want to make sure you have moderate upgrades to your home. 

The minor kitchen upgrade recoup for San Jose was 131% in 2015. *Cost vs. Value Report 2015. Recoup from an upgrade is reinforced because, you yourself can get the remodel done for fractions of what the new home buyer has in their mind, further assuring the recoup margin.  Here is a quick example. A home buyer walks into a Livermore home for sale and sees old windows that are leaking and almost falling out. They turn to me, a Livermore real estate broker and agent and ask, how much will it cost to redo all the windows? When I tell them the actual cost, most of the time, the home buyer over estimates, and they place a value that agrees with the Cost vs. Value Report because the job is already done and they do not have to do it. Simple, yet true.

The second thing to remember when selling a home in Livermore is to use a professional photographer to capture only the best pictures of your home for sale. Millions go into new car marketing material.  Wouldn't you agree. Those commercial photographers are some of the best in the business, and their images are stunning. New home builders are not any different. Their homes for sale are upgraded and staged to the hilt, then they professionally photographed. Your house for sale should be no different. So, if you are thinking of selling your Livermore home, put those two things on the top of the list, but call me before you do, so I can tell you where to focus your efforts. 

There are exceptions to the rule, like when timing is much more important than price, but generally speaking, you will want to have upgraded before you sell your home in Livermore or anywhere else.

*Cost vs. Value report is free after registering at remodeling dot hw dot net.

by Jeff Pereyda
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