Saturday, May 3, 2008

Frog Follow Up

The couple who saw the for sale sign met with me in my office at 5:00pm sharp on Friday, May 2nd. I could tell that they were not ready to write an offer, and I actually would have been very surprised if they were.

They wanted more info, and to feel good about the decision that they may have already made in their minds. Even though the buyers spoke in ways that already had them moved in psychologically. "Our dog can run around the back yard."--very good signs, I wanted them to feel solid about their decision. So, I had prepared a home buyer presentation that included comparables, charts, graphs, spreadsheets (buyer net sheet), etc. I also compelled them to visit the open house I am going to have on May 4th from 1-4pm. Next, I suggested that we also look at other properties similar in size, price and location, so that they can gather more support with their decision whether it be yes or no.

I will let you know.

The next post will be a report on how successful the open house went.

by Jeff Pereyda
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