Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knot Just For Women

P2P--(Person to Person) Another day winds down for me at the office, Jeff Pereyda, Coldwell Banker Broker Associate. Perhaps after arriving at home, retreating to the study and selecting a good read and a glass of port to end the day? "Knot" quite.

Keeping office deadlines and real estate contracts at bay takes some effort, but recently I have found a good way to unwind that does not require port, knitting.

My wife started some time ago, and her testimony was that it helped her wind down from a day of teaching elementary school students. Hmmm... Go on...

I tried to cast on a row on a knitting needle while watching a Law and Order episode, (my one vice), and I actually caught on. Before long, I knit my first hat, then two, then four then on to knitting socks. I need wind down time. Can you tell?

Since the knitting bug bit, I have started Knotjustforwomen on We have members too.

Before all this, I had to first get over the stigma of men knitting, and like me, you may get a kick out of his vid clip; especially of the guy knitting a hammock with pool cues below on: "The Manly Art of Knitting." It helped me get over the stereotype that only women knit. Hence, knotjustforwomen.

Some will not reveal the fact they knit, but I have found at least three great things have come out of it.

  1. It has helped me redefine what it can mean to relax. I still fish, but I can't always get away to do that.

  2. My wife and I spend quality time knitting together and talking where before it was more of a rarity.

  3. Got to meet a different circle of people whom I may have never met otherwise.
I'm sure there are more benefits, besides the socks. But, It's not important to write them all down here. The fact is, it's good to break into new ways of thought whether it be your profession or past-time.

by Jeff Pereyda
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