Friday, September 19, 2008

C'mon, Let's Face It!--On facebook (tm)

You may not know this yet, but my blog needs readership. Yes, your reading it now, but just look at my comments on my previous blogs. My Livermore real estate website website gets quite a bit of traffic, but my blog?--I have 0. Go ahead and comment. Shock me.

My Active Rain blog is a mirror of this one, and it gets some readership due to the fact that Active Rain bloggers simply feed off Active Rain, kind of an obsession with those bloggers there.

But more on facebook is being published all the time. Lee Aase, the Chancellor of Social Media University, Global (SMUG) writes references to the news media about the applications of facebook below.

Here are some links to major news coverage about Facebook:
Granted, I am very new to facebook and it's applications, but you can bet that facebook is an innovation in the home and in the business world. And, I will definitely be looking closer into the ways that it can help our office and our industry. At least there people write on my "wall."

by Jeff Pereyda
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Sandi said...

Hey, now that the feed is working, I can read your blog more regularly! And write on your walls - or whatever.

Jenni said...

Now I can see you in my Google feed too. And I will comment more often.