Monday, November 10, 2008

Exchanging Links-Good or Bad Idea?

I was asked recently to reciprocate a link to my site; exchange links. And, since website owners want to be careful as to who is swapping links to their sites, I chose to do a bit of investigating first before I agreed.

  • The reciprocal link offer was coming from a reputable source. check

  • The site had a good professional look and feel. check

  • Although not directly real estate related, it still had a real estate division or section. check

All seemed in order. I clicked through their site a bit more to get to the real estate section where my link would most likely be placed. This was the opening paragraph: uncheck!

"Real Estate Agent" is just another name for "Salesperson"
Don't ever lose sight of that fact. Their only mission is to sell, sell, sell to you. Don't ever let on that you are in a desperate situation, or that you need to buy a house fast, or that you are in a desperate crunch to buy this house now, because you are being transferred into town this week. It's simply none of their business and as far as they are concerned...(you get the idea).

In a word... Ouch. I replied by letting the editor know in a few words that openly degrading someone or their profession doesn't help anyone, especially the source. It only tends to make the author seem a little less comme il faut. I told the editor of the site to reconsider the hack before asking Realtors(s) to be linked to something so contrary to what I (we) are trying to accomplish, trust.

by Jeff Pereyda
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1 comment:

Sandi said...

YEs, handled properly. Very odd that the editor didn't seem to even consider how inappropriate the article was for a site wanting to attract realtors!