Monday, October 26, 2009

Fremont Real Estate Agent--Selling A House in Fermont

Once a homeowner decides it is time to sell their house, They'll need to do a few things. First, owners should psychologically become sellers in their actions and in their frame of mind. After this transition, what follows next is that they should find homes that are comparable to theirs. It's usually called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Lately, Internet companies call them a Home Value Report. Either way, it should contain these things in it:

  • Homes like yours sold in the last 3 months or so
  • Homes like yours pending a sale
  • Homes like yours still on the market and
  • Get the story behind each one.
Then, they should perform a net profit analysis on the sale of their home on a simple excel sheet. And, needless to say, they should have a place to live after they sell the house. They need to be able to afford the change of venue. Somewhere in all of this, they need to find me.

Some people who need to sell a home in Fremont are on the Internet with the goal of finding the right tools to achieve all of the above mentioned items. They want to do it on their own it first in private. I do that with a lot of things I set out to do. When I built my Fremont, Newark and Union City website called,, I built it myself--see what I mean. Anyway, I put these home-selling tools in place to help homeowners transition from owner to seller.
  • Here at they can request a home value report that I create by hand, old school, where driving the area and finding homes that are not on the MLS may help the value along too. You simply fill out a Fremont home value form Remember I do it by hand. Zillow and others can be off as much as 40-50k in their estimates.
  • On the website, Fremont home sellers can download a working home seller net sheet that is easy to use, so they can find out what their profit will be from the sale. "Will it be enough?" is a common question that gets asked across the kitchen table when the sellers are trying to figure things out.
  • They can also get peace of mind by downloading our TriCity Real Estate Brokers, Inc. Seller Certification that allows the seller to fire us on the spot if we ignore something that the seller wishes to change in our marketing efforts or purchase offer negotiations. We haven't used one yet, but it is there.
In closing, there is a sea of real estate agents in Fremont alone, some are good ones. On the Internet, it is hard to weed through some hand picked ones. Sherry did just that here. My hope is that someone who needs to sell their home in Fremont, Newark or Union City can find me through the forest of agents out there. I love doing a good job.

By Jeff Pereyda

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