Friday, October 9, 2009

Selling Fremont CA Real Estate--Take It One Day At A Time

After spending a few months with a client who is selling a home in Fremont CA, a real estate agent's dedication to the task should be quite evident and play a key role in building a good relationship of trust with the owner. Thanks to all the real estate horror stories out there, owners are weary of the promises being made across the kitchen table during the real estate agent interview. The owners/sellers could have been through a rough time with an agent before.

So what can an agent do to ensure trust?
  • Communication--the phone call: although one of the easiest things to do, some agents wait too long to call the owner or they call the owners far too infrequent. Just hearing the agents voice and tone of confidence goes a long way in building trust. Spending time in front of the client, is called, client time. It is very important, and it too reads very high on the trust meter.
  • Knowledge base: If the owner asks about the consequences of not removing a contingency of the contract, or the owner needs one or more of the many forms explained, the agent should explain these things clearly, with confidence and propose a plan.
  • Performance: The agent needs to get things done. Time is of the essence in real estate. Whether it means driving documents around, or calling vendors and the escrow company over little details as well as the big, the agent should get items completed in the time tables given by the real estate contract.
Building the relationship is important, but business is still business, so take it one day at a time. Some clients or agents might get too close or cross boundaries. Agents need to keep it professional, but be a real person at the same time.

I especially got a kick when Chris (a seller/owner in Fremont) called me his brother at the end of his real estate reference-testimonial . He had a rough go with some other agents before. I enjoyed working with 99% of all my clients. I am always striving for 100%, but some people are just plain... how would you say? "challenging."

By Jeff Pereyda

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