Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Shopping in Fremont

It's not a good picture, but behind the small crane operator is a sign that says, "Shop Fremont." It's a nice sign and it shows some artwork of candles surrounded by sparkles, very noel.

I thought about how much Fremont has changed. Vince, my building manager at the Murco Plaza on Capitol and Paseo Padre has a long history of the landscape in Fremont. He remembers that the Western Dental building building on the corner of Paseo and Mowry used to be a chicken ranch. I recall some things too. I watched Target get built on Walnut and Fremont. Before that women used to complain that in order to buy a bra, you had to leave Fremont and go to Newpark Mall.

So, where to shop in Fremont? The Hub has Target, Pier 1, Borders, and Hallmark to name a few. Raleys Shopping Center has some smaller gift shops there, well, like The Gift Shop. but you can get some shopping done in Fremont. 

To me, the best shopping experience around here is at the Stanford Mall, just a straight shot over the Dumbarton. I still remember the Saks Fifth Avenue which had no escalator, only an elevator. After all, my Dad was the head fitter (a person who instructs tailors on how to alter the suits) in the Men's Department for around 35 years. It since has closed, consolidated and moved to the San Francisco store many years ago. My Dad went with the move as well. The Barn at Stanford used to be a food buffet and food mall with very high class stuff. I still remember the candy shop that sold solid red and black liquorice cords, honeycombs and more. The Stanford Mall has a great deal more class than say--the Hub. The difference is night and day. Plottage, architecture, vendors, landscaping and the surrounding area being Stanford says it all.

Feel free to shop Fremont, I will. And, don't forget to shop online too, but if you cannot afford a trip to Rockefeller Plaza and the Saks in New York, go to Stanford mall once or twice this year.

My Christmas wish list is posted on my Fremont real estate agent web site. Just kidding.

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Sandi said...

As you know, I love The Hub. I often go "hubbing" just for the meditative and therapeutic benefit.