Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Real Estate Office In Fremont--commitment

At the time of writing this post, loan rates were down to about 4.5%. Unemployment was up to over 10%. Tempting as the rates may be, some people are scared to commit to a home purchase because they might be out of a job soon.

I spoke with a high level executive at B of A, and they are trying to do something about that. They actually have a home buyer protection program where they will pay 6 months of your home loan (P&I) if you get hurt or lose your job. Not a bad deal, but you do have to commit to the loan at first. No one want a home buyer to lose their job.

I know this next point isn't exactly related, and I am a bit off topic, but I added a link to my Fremont real estate agent http://www.MyColdwellBankerHome.com. Nothing new, I know, but we have found that those buyers who come in the office are more likely to be successful in buying their home. It's about commitment. I think buyers feel better knowing that they have a professional office and an agent that is full-time working for them. Likewise the agent feels better about working hard for their client who takes time out of their day and physically walks into the office to get a clear understanding of what they as a home buyer need to do.

So, if I were to try and link he opening paragraph with this closing, I would have to say that commitment plays a big part in buying a home in both getting the loan and sticking with the real estate office that is helping you get one. Let us know how we can help.
By Jeff Pereyda

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