Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home In Parkmont Value Checker

I have a wonderful home in Parkmont for sale here at I put it at this point2home site because I want to have the home in parkmont be posted (syndicated) to 30+ websites. Well, it worked. It's out there, and we are marketing the home in Parkmont aggressively. In fact, we procured a ready, willing and very able buyer today.

I cannot discuss particulars, but even though the buyer is ready willing and able to purchase this home, we have obstacles. One problem is overcome already, the HUD requirements for FHA and condos regarding spot approvals for condos I mentioned in an earlier blog here

Our buyer is 80/20 conventional purchase loan. The other problem in purchasing this home in Parkmont must go undisclosed. I have after all a fiduciary duty to parties involved. So, we can see this as the classic expression--is the glass half full or half empty? We have a seller who wants to sell a home in Parkmont and a buyer who wants to buy a home in Parkmont. Either way, our office is happy to be objective in helping buyer and seller achieve their goals in buying a home in Parkmont. We will see.

Regardless, knowing your home in parkmont's value is key. You can go here to get a parkmont home value sent to you.
By Jeff Pereyda

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