Monday, January 11, 2010

Bocce Ball in Parkmont--closer than you think

Some time ago, I was at City Beach for my coed bachelor and bachelorette party. Yes, my wife-to-be was there. It was a fun time, and I especially enjoyed the bocce courts they have there. Thanks to my brother and a resource or two, I learned that the floor of the bocce court is partially made up of crushed oyster shell. Fascinated by such a claim, I bent down for a closer look. Sure enough, there were little bits of oyster shell on the bocce court. It actually had a mother of pearl effect under the bocce court lights they use there. However, albeit beautiful to some, it can be a bit messy and quite evident to that fact immediately after players receive a pat for a good roll. A white, dusty hand print poofs its way onto almost any fabric. Well meaning gestures of, "way to go" and "good one" seem to manifest themselves on both shoulders and backsides throughout the course of almost any game.

Notice there at the bottom right hand corner of the image above. There are three proposed bocce ball courts in Parkmont waiting to be built. I am wondering what the City of Fremont will put on the floor of their bocce ball in Parkmont ground cover. Can't wait. Will I be disappointed if they use just gravel? A bit, but I can still play bocce ball in Parkmont much easier than having to drive to City Beach and pay.

My children and I go to the mustard field which humbly occupies the Centerville space now. We currently climb the pine tree and throw rocks there. Actually, I throw the rocks. Keeps the ol' arm loose.

The future Centerville Community Park where they will have the bocce ball in Parkmont is off of Eggers, & Camden right next to Washington High School . You can go to the Fremont link here. Centerville Community Park.

Bocce ball in Parkmont, what a nice touch to an already great place to live. I'd be a nice transition after a day at the real estate office,
By Jeff Pereyda


Sandi said...

We should have another family bocce ball day!

Jenni said...

We'll definitely have to break the new bocce ball court in!