Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where's La Morinda?--Oh, Thanks Google Maps

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A colleage at my office is uprooting the family and has decided to move to La Morinda. When he told me, I sort of had that blank stare for a moment. Albeit brief, my stare was a dead giveaway that I had no idea where this "La Morinda" was. He politely explained that La Morinda is a colloquialism for a tricity area comprised of Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda. Hence, La-Mor-Inda.
I'm sure that the contributor of the Wiki entry for "lamorinda" would be happy to glean any more useful tidbits for lamorinda. I, for one, still do not know how to spell it. Do I treat it as a derivative from the Latin as I did above in the feminine using "La" followed by "Morinda?" Or, do i just do what they did and let just roll with no spaces as in lamorinda? Let me know.
I do not pretend to know the real estate there either. I consider my self a specialist. I specialize in Fremont, Newark and Union City real estate here Although, I or another broker here could probably pull it off and represent him in lamorinda, (I have sold homes in Disco Bay, Milpitas, Menlo Park, but Fremont real estate agents need to keep the best interest of the client in mind. Let the local specialist help them. I did not even have to think twice about referring him to Pacita Dimacali at Gallagher and Lindsey in Alameda. One of her sites is here I refer all my outbound clients to her.
In spite of all that, I had did some reading about the endeared place up north. It sounds like a nice place to live. Spelling it correctly is just icing on the cake I suppose. He will be missed.
Look for his 5 bedroom 2.5 bath home in Union City coming up on the market soon in the upper 600k's.
By Jeff Pereyda

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Sandi said...

Google ANYTHING is good! Between Google Maps and GPS, the Thomas Guide is almost a thing of the past (which is fine with me...)