Friday, January 1, 2010

Fair Oaks In Menlo Park--Too Cute

If you had the opportunity to follow my blog once in a while, you already know that I am a real estate broker who sells Fremont homes. Can I sell a home in the Fair Oaks in Menlo Park area? The answer is yes. You see, if someone is in need to relocate from Fair Oaks in Menlo Park, they might consider a Fremont home as an option first and contact a Realtor here in Fremont to aid in the research.

Many reasons govern those who need to sell their homes and move, regardless of where, but Fremont home prices are still good from a buyer's perspective, and Fair Oaks in Menlo Park may not have been hit as hard by the price drop; home prices may have fallen only 25% in Fair Oaks in Menlo Park as opposed to 30-35% in Fremont, so a relocation from Fair Oaks in Menlo Park to a Fremont home at this point could be a slight win fall. We currently have the pleasure of helping a home owner make such a move.

Sometimes, as I mentioned earlier, it starts when an owner who is contemplating a move, looks into purchasing a home in another area and asks a Realtor questions about it--(in this case, Fremont and yours truly, respectively) Anyway, after I had a nice talk with the home owner in Fair Oaks in Menlo Park, they decided it was the best thing for them to do. We discussed many options--rent, roomates, but it was just time.

When I drove to the home off of Fair Oaks in Menlo Park I was taken aback, hence the inspiration for the blog post and the attempt at expository writing to follow.

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I was truly awe struck by the old trees lining the streets with teeming fall colors and their limbs above reaching across the canopy as if presenting one another with Yule Tide greetings and protecting us below from the cold, light rain. On occasion, I would see wafts of chimney smoke reaching through the lower branches leaving those of us walking along these country roads with a choice to either simply catch the scent of oak or pine or place that smell of fall together with an image of fresh-baked hearth bread by the fire inside these country cottages during a cold winters rain. I had chosen the latter to embellish in the moment even if it were perhaps not true.

I know. "Don't quit the day job Jeff." Stick with real estate.

So, in short, I have the listing, and it should be on the market in one week or so. Truly, Fair Oaks in Menlo Park is too cute for words, at least my words anyway.
By Jeff Pereyda

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