Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fremont Real Estate Agent

Choosing a Fremont Real Estate Agent
Choosing a Fremont Real Estate Broker

In my previous blog post, I simply shed a bit of light on the fact that at the end of the day, the broker IS the agent, no mater if you chose and agent or a broker that sells real estate.

Choosing a Fremont Real Estate Agent, or choosing a Fremont Real Estate Broker should take some planning. Not all are the same. Most have the same tools available to them, but it is the compliant and optimized results you are looking for when you're done with the sale that matters most. This may not be the best illustration of that point, but I sometimes have my would-be clients take hold of my Montblanc fine tip pen and say, "okay, write your name with this pen." Then I take the pen and sign my name.

"See the difference?" I say. Of course there is a difference, because my signature is pretty far out there when it comes to signatures. Anyway, the idea is--same tool got different results. Then we joke about how I hope their results do not look like my signature.

Is there a danger in just choosing any agent? Yes, there is. That is why the Department of Real Estate was created in the first place. There are horror stories to prove this claim. Sadly still, it may take years for a home-seller to decide that it is time to sell, but they go right ahead and choose an agent in just one day.*

Take a moment or two before taking that leap because once you sign the standard California Association of Realtors Listing Agreement, you sign an irrevocable contract. There are legitimate reasons for that, but it is irrevocable none the less.

Listen to Chris's story hereBy Jeff Pereyda

* Evans, Blanche. "CAR's Internet Versus Traditional Buyer Study Shows New Trends." Deputy Chief Economist Robert Kleinhenz of the California Association of Realtors. 30 January. 2008

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