Friday, September 25, 2009

Fremont Real Estate Broker

I wanted to simply spread a bit of light (just a little) on the differences between a broker and a licensee. What it mostly boils down to is that brokers are the agents. Most real estate sales "agents" that we normally refer to as agents are in fact licensees working under a broker's license or have an affiliation under the broker, and they are in fact supposed to be called sales associates or real estate licensees, but we usually just say, "agents."

Not all brokers sell real estate themselves. They govern the transactions, amongst many other things. However, some brokers do sell property.

But what about these brokers that sell property? What gives them an advantage over a licensee if any? If I had to choose between a broker that sells property and a licensee as an "agent,"--being a broker myself, I would have to side with the broker. Why? Because the broker (should) always have an astute exposure to both compliance and ethics; a bit more so than the average licensee. Brokers can be a cautious bunch, but they are cautious for the Principal's sake. That principal would be you if you were selling or buying a house.

The point being is that at the end of the day, the broker ends up being the responsible "agent" anyway no matter who you chose.

If you need to sell real estate in Fremont CA, find a good broker that sells. We're out there. You will appreciate the added dimension of compliance and ethics exposure.  By Jeff Pereyda

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