Monday, September 14, 2009

Seller Found

In the previous post, I ruminated regarding the whereabouts of my seller. We have a home for sale in the Parkmont area of Fremont. What's more, we had two offers, and he was nowhere to be found. Well, the good news is that he has been found. The bad or indifferent news is that he is close to where I thought he was. He is in Indonesia. Now there's an "out of the area" seller, or "super absentee owner" for you.

All kidding aside, he assured me that all will be taken care of on account that he is well astute to high-tech communications. We will see how it goes.

If you are interested, a little jewel I gleaned from this experience is that the Indonesia AT&T access code to dial Bank of America's short sale division from Indonesia to here via toll-free is 00180110, so dial 00180110 then the toll free number without the 1 in the 1-866. You just dial 866 880 1232 after the code. That's for the post Countrywide pre B of A line at that number. If you had an original B of A loan not the Countrywide loan before the merger you dial the code as above, then you use 866 413 3757.

If you happen to be in Indonesia and the code fails to work for you--the B of A non 800 number is: 704 386 5681. They can transfer you to short sales. (imagine the phone bill you would have just for listening to their muzak while on hold) Yikes!

by Jeff Pereyda
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1 comment:

Sandi said...

Good luck dealing with Bank of America! Ed has had a short sale deal with them for almost 6 months and the incompetence on their pat is staggering!

But at least you found the seller.