Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Fremont CA Real Estate-Short Sales Fremont CA Real Estate prices fell on average of 35% since the beginning 2007, but there were a few pockets of Fremont that fared a bit better than the rest. What could have been the cause? Weren't they all affected in the same way? Mission San Jose area real estate prices in Fremont for example, did fall but not as much as homes in the Ponderosa area in the north of Fremont.
Schools were the common denominator in determining the home value percentage drop. Had Mission San Jose Schools been anything but one of the top 5% national high schools in the nation, the story would have been different. Parkmont area of Fremont did okay at around 30% drop, better than a 35% drop from other pockets of Fremont. All together, it seems that the Mission San Jose School status provided heavy reinforcements when the real estate crunch came crunching down. 
Also, you can compare between Fremont and Sunnyvale here on a study I did last year. Interesting. By Jeff Pereyda

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